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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!

Why yes, that is a quote from Despicable Me. I went to see it yesterday with my sister and I really liked it. It was such a cute movie, though I have to say that Angus (AKA Fluffy Unicorn Girl) made the movie. She was just so dang cute!

I think that I shall update this thing every week. Fair enough, right? Yea, right.
Nothing much has happened over the last week. I went to band camp, came home, did pointless stuff, went to bed and then repeated. Fun, right? Ehhhhh, maybe. Sometimes I wanted nothing more than to quit and go home but other times, call me strange and psycho, but I actually wanted to be there.

Thursday at church the Young Women got together and just hung out while we painted each other's nails (Shaina and I both fail at painting my nails). Then on Friday I got to spend the afternoon with Sheri hanging out at the towncenter and after that I crashed my best friend Carlyn's house. If you thought I couldn't possibly do anymore in one day I could, I went to a swimming party and Alexa's. Saturday there was a church dance that was kind of lame seeing as no one really danced and people left early. The only thing that made the dance worth going to was the lovely conversation I got to have with Savannah. I love her! (:

That's it basically. Tomorrow I'm going shopping with Savannah and then Carlyn is spending the night. Then Monday is DISNEY DAY! That's right, I go to Disney and I still think it's cool.


Monday, July 19, 2010

Inspiring? Probably not.

So, I was looking at Shaina's facebook profile like any normal friend would do and I decided to click on her blog link. Well, I see that she hasn't posted in way over a month so I decided to inspire her. Yea, this won't be much of inspiration but oh well. I tried, right?

For my first blog I have no idea what I want to put. A summary of the summer would be way too long, but there's not much to tell about today. Can some blog posts be short? I'm gonna go with yes, yes they can.

To lengthen this post a tad I will mention highlights of my summer. That sounds fair enough. Okay, so there was Trek, Girls Camp, EFY, and right now band camp. I think out of all of these my favorite would have to be EFY. Shout out to the best group ever, the Punishers. That was by far the best week of my very young life. If y'all are reading this and you're elidgeable to go I suggest you go. It's worth it all, the price and the sacrafice of a week. The friendships you make and the growth in your testimony of the gospel are the amazing things that you get for going. So go, okay?
Hmmm, band camp. Well, today was only the first day so not much to say about that. Is it going to be an amazing marching season? I believe so. The opener sounds awesome. I just can't wait! X: The Journey. (:

I think that's all I have to say at the moment sadly. There's a review of my summer so far. Exciting, isn't it?