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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why We Should Not Go to Disney All Day Then the Beach

I find that each time I try to keep this at a week I keep pushing it back a little more. This time the reason I pushed it back wasn't because I didn't feel like writing it, it was because I was gone for like the whole day.
Monday was Disney day! We went to celebrate Bethany's fifteenth birthday! We got to go to all four parks! One time I almost did this, but my friend Carlyn didn't want to continue through the entrance of Animal Kingdom so we got back on the bus and left.
The first park was Animal Kingdom. But before we even got in the ticket lady wouldn't let Carlyn in with a ticket I gave her, she said it was "expired". The thing was that we had special employee tickets that NEVER expire, so I was trying to explain this to her and she's like "No, it's expired. Go to Guest Relations if you think otherwise." Whatever lady. So while trying to calm Carlyn down I had to act all happy and talk to the lady at the window. Luckily she was super nice. It turns out the ticket was older than the park itself. I didn't even know that was possible... Long story short she printed me a new ticket and all was well. We went on Everest and I rode it Single Rider for the first time ever! I got to talk with my British accent and the people though I came from across the pond. Then my friends dragged me onto Dinosaur, my least favorite ride EVER. I opened my eyes through most of it, but refused to at the end. Why the heck would I want to look at something that wants to eat me?!
MGM (I refuse to call it Hollywood Studios) was next. While walking back to ride that new Toy Story ride a guy recognized my shirt (Kingdom Hearts!) and we had a little conversation. He worked there so it was all good. He made my day! Toy Story was so much freaking fun, even if I do fail at it. Then I saw Devin and I got to find out where he's going for his mission! I think I got him in trouble though because I was talking to him, so I quickly ran away. Now, I know everybody goes to MGM to ride Rockin' Rollercoast and Tower of Terror. It's a known fact. So we get to Rockin' Rollercoaster and find it's closed down. WHAT?! Yea, it broke or something. So Kierstyn, Bethany, Kathleen, and Kim left to go ride The Great Movie Ride while Carlyn and I stubbornly waited for the ride to open. Well, after an hour or so of waiting we headed over to Tower of Terror. At first the wait was like over an hour, but now it was only twenty minutes. So, we go in and we're just about to enter that movie part when they are like "Sorry, the ride is experiencing technical difficulties. We don't know when it will reopen." WHAT?!?!?! That's it, I'm done with MGM. We walk out of the line and got to yell the ride was broken to everybody. Then, because we both are kind of stubborn (me more than her) we walked back to Rockin' Rollercoaster to find it opened up two minutes after we left....Yea, okay, whatever. So we just went in the single rider line, determined to ride one good ride. Well, we got in and all was good. I was even in a picture that the tourist I rode with bought! YAY!
After that park we went to Epcot. Not much happened there. We just rode Test Track then Carlyn and I rode the "intense" version of the ride. Yea, it was so "intense" that we could take pictures and text in it. Oh well, still fun.
Now comes the best park, MAGIC KINGDOM! I was determined to ride Splash Mountain, I made everyone wait in the long ride. And then I got to sit in the front row! WHOO! So much fun. I got so wet. Then they wanted to ride Big Thunder Mountain. It didn't matter to me, I was happy I got to ride my all time favorite ride. After that Bethany wanted to watch the fireworks show, but Kierstyn, Kim, Carlyn, and I didn't want to, we wanted to ride Splash Mountain again. So Bethany watched the show with Kathleen while we rode Splash Mountain two more times. Yea, then Carlyn and I got our Mickey icecreams and I drove us home.
Now onto Tuesday! (I promise I won't make this long.)
I got to go to Daytona with one of my BFFs, Shaina! The water was trying to pull us out and push us over. It was so strong! We decided to take a nice little break in the pool of the condos we were vising my mom's friend at. We talked A LOT and I got a lovely sunburn on my left arm and my nose. Then I drove us to Wendy's where the lady was rude and almost didn't give me my free frosty! Then for the rest of the day we talked with British accents! Shaina was being Watson and I was being Sherlock Holmes. I think people actually thought we were from England. Anyways, there was an emergency but it wasn't a murder mystery and we left out badges at home so we weren't allowed to investigate. :/
I've had an amazing two days! I'm just trying to squeeze it all in before band camp starts next week! Sorry this one was kind of long a journalish.


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